A Friendly Reminder from Principal Salter: Phone Checks!

Hello Cardinal Parents!

Hope this message finds you well (and not scrolling through your phone too much!). As your trying-so-hard principal, I've got a tiny favor to ask. Now, I'm all for embracing technology, but when it comes to our students' cell phones, we might need to hit the pause button occasionally.

Why the Buzz About Phone Checks?

Our Cardinals are great, but let's face it, they can sometimes get a bit carried away with their texting and social media adventures. And while I love a good episode of teenage drama as much as the next person (not really, but let's pretend), it tends to bring the "drama" into our classrooms. We've got big fish to fry, like hitting our reading and math goals! We really don't have time or energy to spend the unnecessary hours resolving student conflict when our energy and focus has to be on instruction.

  • Parental Superpowers Needed: Could you, our superhero parents, help by doing periodic cell phone checks? Just a friendly peek to ensure our future leaders are using their digital powers for good.
  • Less Drama, More Learning: By keeping an eye on their digital activities, we can keep the focus on what matters most in school – learning, growing, and achieving those academic goals.

A Little Help Goes a Long Way: Think of it this way – every time you check their phones, you're helping keep our school drama-free and on track for success. And trust me, we have enough suspense with our upcoming assessments so we don't need any more from Instagram or Snapchat.

Together, we can ensure that the only "stories" and "snaps" our students are worried about are in their google classroom, school-based projects, and classroom assignments. So, let's team up and make sure our students' screen time is as productive as their class time.

Thanks a million for your support! Together, we're not just managing a school; we're shaping the future.

Best, Principal Salter & Chief 'Drama' Officer