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Parents Welcome Letter

June 14, 2022
George M Pullman Elementary School Parents and Guardians:
Congratulations!  Your Pullman Cardinal completed one of the most difficult school years!
COVID-19 continued to impact our efforts to attend school consistently, impacted our physical and mental health, and challenged our overall excitement for school.  I am hopeful that this summer will give us all an opportunity to recalibrate and rejuvinate before August 22, 2022, the first day of school for the FY23 school year. 
Please frequent this website for CPS updates, our REMIND text updates, and school emails for updated information. Teachers are resting so they can get energized for the next school year with keeping  students academically engaged. Currently, our school building is under construction!  Our building is getting a much needed face-lift and upgrades with:

  • fresh paint
  • new windows
  • elevator
  • gym lights
  • PreK classroom renovate
  • Teacher Resource/Multi-Purpose Room (remodel the library)
Enrollment/Registration will resume on Monday, August 1, 2022.  Your continued partnership is necessary.  Please make sure that students spend more time reading, writing, and practicing math facts and less time on cell phones and other techology devices.   
Please continue to stay safe.  Covid-19 has not disappeared.  
See you on August 22, 2022!
Principal Romeldia Salter
[email protected]