The Physical Education program at Pullman offers numerous fun-filled activities for all children. Our goal throughout the year is for each student to have fun and acquire skills that will enable them to establish life-long fitness habits.

Students will be participating in physical education once per week. These classes will consist of physical activities that address fitness, motor performance, balance and strength skills. Nutrition, sexual health education, self-awareness and emotional wellness are all important components of your child’s development.  


Students will be evaluated in each of the physical education strand, which includes participation in individual and group activities. The development of motor skills, rhythmic movements, flexibility improvement and balance skills. Student’s must demonstrate consistent efforts toward fitness mastery and record their progress using grade level charts and fitness logs.


This school year your child will receive Sexual Health Education as part of the CPS Sexual Health Education Policy. The  SHE course is designed to provide safe, age appropriate instruction to students in Pre kindergarten through 8th grade.


Families that are interested in previewing the lessons are able to access each lesson on line via, an online resource for parent/guardians. Through the CC website parents are able to introduce topics to their children prior to the days lesson.


Students not participating in the class/unit must have their

parent/ guardian submit a written objection thereto, and refusal to take or participate in the course or program shall not be reason for suspension or expulsion of the pupil.”  105 ILCS 110/3), a parent/guardian must provide a timely written objection to opt their child/children out of participating in any CPS Sexual Health Education course. 


If you have any questions regarding the full physical education program, feel free to contact Ms. Douglas at


We look forward to working with you.